Multidisciplinary Kidney Stone Clinic

Approximately, one in ten people will develop a kidney stone in their lifetime, and of these, half will experience a second episode within five years. At Washington University, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to the management, treatment, and prevention of kidney stones. Working alongside our colleagues in Urology, we provide coordinated care to lower the risk of recurrence and to minimize the need for invasive operative procedures, with a focus on dietary and medical approaches. Furthermore, we are pioneering innovative strategies to maximize urinary dilution and, in conjunction with basic science researchers, are exploring genetic factors that may predispose to the formation of calcium-based kidney stones.

Patients can be seen at either of our two locations, at the Center for Advanced Medicine and the Barnes-Jewish West County Clinic. Dr. Seth Goldberg is the co-director of the Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic, and appointments are coordinated with Dr. Alana Desai in Urology.