Alumni Quotes

I cannot imagine a better place to have trained in nephrology. The range of pathology and acuity provided abundant learning opportunities. The faculty and staff are focused on the fellows’ education and professional development. – Laura Hesemann MD

I remain thankful for my training and experiences at Wash U. It was nice to go right into a busy private practice with the skill set to succeed. – Harry Giles MD, NAPC Birmingham, AL

My participation in the Washington University training program in Nephrology prepared me for a career in clinical nephrology with a strong background in both clinical applications of basic nephrology principles as well as a deep-seated foundation in basic science research and its applicability in “bench-to-bedside” advances. The critical thinking skills, research background, and emulation of the clinical and scientific excellence of my Washington University Renal Division faculty mentors have helped me become a strong clinical nephrologist and partner in my practice and medical community. – Gopa B. Green, M.D, Santa Rosa, CA

It was the best thing that happened to me in my entire medical training. Very thankful to all great teachers. – Sreedhara Alla MD

I’m very glad I trained at Wash U, had an amazing experience and education from the very finest physicians. Thank you. – Bhavani Adusumilli MD

My training at Wash U was one of the best experiences in my life. It was a very difficult time but now that I’m done, I look back with fond memories. Many of the nephrologists in my city had inadequate training, especially in PD and home hemo.

It was a good experience training at Wash U. The volume and Pathology exposure really prepared me for any type of practice. – Mansumeet Singh MD

I have been employed in a private nephrology since completing my fellowship in June 2004. Participation in the nephrology training program at Washington University in St. Louis established a strong foundation for my career in nephrology. Because of my training at Washington University in St. Louis, I feel comfortable tackling all aspects of nephrology, ranging from ICU care, general outpatient nephrology, renal transplant care, or procedures such as kidney biopsies and dialysis access. – Mark Staniforth, MD